Yes, but make sure it’s still in good condition as memory foam mattresses are ideal to use on flat and sturdy surfaces since they require additional support because of their moldable feature. A defective foundation can adversely impact the mattress’ level of comfort, support, and stability. You can find out whether the problem lies in the mattress or foundation by placing your mattress on the floor. If the mattress returns to its normal level of flatness, this means that your foundation is to blame.
First, we make sure all our sleep products undergo strict quality control by accredited, independent labs and meet the highest standards for content, indoor emissions, and durability. Furthermore, we utilize natural, eco-friendly materials as part of our green initiative. Lastly, Bedding Stock prides itself on providing premium quality products while keeping them at affordable prices.
There might be a faint odor or you may not smell anything at all, depending on your level of sensitivity. Should there be a slight odor, it is completely safe and will quickly dissipate. Rest assured that any faint odor you may smell only comes from a lingering manufacturing process.
You can enjoy using your new mattress immediately. It normally takes 48 hours to one week for the mattress to decompress to its full size. Likewise, you won’t inflict any harm or damage to your mattress should you decide to start using it even before it fully decompresses.
Memory foam mattresses are temperature-sensitive. So, the warmer the temperature, the softer the mattress feels. On the other hand, colder temperatures make the mattress feel firmer.
Not a chance. Our memory foam mattresses are expertly crafted for optimal airflow and breathability, thanks to the open cells found inside the mattresses. To add, our Aloe Vera and Flow Collections have a layer of cool gel infused memory foam that easily dissipates heat and regulates temperature, making sure you’ll always feel cool, fresh, and dry each time you sleep.
Each person reacts differently to a new mattress. Some may adapt quicker than others. However, most people who have slept on an innerspring mattress for many years may find that sleeping on memory foam mattresses is a far better experience because of its therapeutic and pressure relieving effects.
No. You can see the memory foam at work when it returns to its original form after adjusting precisely to your body’s shape and weight. This is why memory foam surpasses other types of mattresses. It’s perfect for those who suffer from back, shoulder, and joint pains.
No problem at all. Your memory foam mattress just needs some time to adjust as it is compressed and rolled for convenient delivery. Some cells stay closed after the mattress is manufactured. However, the cells will eventually open during decompression as your mattress becomes more responsive to your weight and room temperature with continued use.
Each customer has a unique experience when using the memory foam mattress for the first time. It is normal to get accustomed to the unique qualities of your new mattress for several nights. But others may feel already comfortable on the first night. Just give it some time and you’ll be sleeping like a baby real soon.